Stepping Stones

If my words could shine, would they light your way
I'd sing your stepping stones if I knew what to say
And to the road so long
Now your back is strong
No need to carry what should never have stayed

What did you think of him while you went it alone
Ten 'til five, alive, not too far from home
The wheel turns you around
Your ears deaf to its sound
Did you hear your dreams as they wailed and moaned?


I'll take and sail away
Stay lost at sea
The day may come when they find a way
But they won't find me

One step to the right and one behind
No rush to stake your claim to things he'd find
It's hide and seek to you
A version tried and blue
A bird of your feather flown back to its kind


So you take a ride to the dark side of town
Don't old times look high as you're sinking down
Your baby, she don't know
That you're sinking slow
Six-crossed and loaded, wise, into the ground


© 2009 Tobin Smith