I started taking lessons from Tobin when I was 36 years old. I'd had a guitar since college and every few weeks I'd pick it up and try to improve, but I wasn't getting anywhere on my own. Tobin quickly identified the gaps in my understanding of music, introduced me to styles of playing that I loved, and helped me progress so quickly and enjoyably that I found myself playing my guitar virtually every day. That was 2 years ago, and since then Tobin has helped me to explore the fretboard, to understand music theory, and to play comfortably with other guitarists. In every lesson Tobin shows an incredible ability to assess where I'm at, to suggest options for where I might want to go, and to spell out specific techniques and exercises to get me there. Tobin's patient guidance has turned me into a lifelong guitarist. I can't thank him enough, and I would recommend his instruction to anyone who wants to be given the inspiration and tools to improve. Mike

36-year old student

Tobin has 30 years of playing experience and 19 years of experience teaching kids & adults. In lessons students can learn rock, blues, fingerstyle, classical basics, bluegrass basics, reading music (standard notation and tab), chords and scales, music theory and fretboard knowledge. Primary goals of the lessons are to make (keep) music fun and get the student playing actual music as soon as possible, while working toward long-term tailored goals as well.
Our son found lessons to be fun and instructive and really enjoyed Tobin's sense of humor, as well as profiting from his knowledge, skill as a teacher and patience. He progressed a long way in a short time. He is now 20, continues to play (took his new guitar with him to college!) and loves it today because of how fun Tobin made the lessons. Julie

parent of then-11-year old student

Tobin likes filling in the gaps for adults that know a few things but don't know how it all connects or where to go next, and he especially enjoys taking the mystery out of fundamental music theory.
I find Tobin to be patient and creative as a teacher and his willingness to work with me on my schedule invaluable. The lessons have been a great experience; I've learned a lot and am developing a deeper knowledge of an instrument I love. Zane

33-year old student

Lessons are taught in your home, saving you time and gas. Rates are $50 for 50-minute lessons every other week (saves me gas $ and driving time) or weekly $30 half-hour lessons. 50-minute lessons get extended when the time is productive (no glassy blank look in the student's eyes).
Tobin has taught our child for over six years and works hard to keep the lessons engaging and fun, while still tackling the technical aspects of guitar playing, music theory and music appreciation. As a result, music is a big part of our child's life. Melissa

parent of a 15-Year Old Student

Feel free to contact Tobin at info@tntdesign.us to arrange lessons or for more information.
I began to take lessons from Tobin when I was nine years old, and continued to do so until age 17. His teaching style makes students feel accomplished as they proceed through songs and milestones of technique and understanding, yet assures them that there's always more to learn and room for improvement. He did not by any means follow any workbooks word-for-word and did not cut and paste lessons or assignments. His teachings were clearly adapted for the individual student, and his unique ideas proved he knew what he was doing and that music was his proper field. James

former student

Tobin was my son's first and only guitar teacher, and I am so glad we found him. He taught the fundamentals but also instilled a love and respect for music that my son will enjoy for life. Tobin's visits were a welcome high spot to our weeks, and we miss him now that my son is in college! James' mom :)