It Won't Be Long (Farallon Islands Song)

The race is on
but they're all gone
grabbing what they can down at Farallon

I dont know
but I've been told
there's eggs in the bushes and they shine like gold

the lighthouse shines
on your path and mine
the keeper reloads as he walks the line

night & day
what can I say
I tried to run but I couldn't get away

fire in the town
wind came around
the flames burnt the place down to the ground

rain, rain
down it came
a hundred guilty men but not one to blame

oh, sweet Jane
I can't complain
coming back to you on a southbound train

push or pull
what can you do
my pants are dirty but my pockets are full


it won't be long, long
until I'm gone
it won't be long [2x]

San Francisco town
there's money all around
but not a crust of bread to be found

better stand clear
of that noise you hear
the snake don't rattle when trouble ain't near

freed the noose
but what's the use
no sense to run when the devil's on the loose

around the bend
the tree holds 3 men
and I'll never go back to Hangtown again


© 2003 Tobin Smith