Long Black Train

Late last night saw the red smoke rolling
Strange as I had seen
Long black train came and took my baby
Took her back to New Orleans
Back to New Orleans 2x

Said my baby got to carry your troubles
On your back sink or swim
Took my troubles down to the river
Then I went and jumped right in
I jumped right in 2x


Long black train can I ride
I'd sell my soul just to get inside
Long black train can I ride
I may be wrong, but it's alright
Baby, it's alright

Wake up, baby, get up and look
Ain't no time for you to sleep
Every move you make you're sinking lower
And now you're in it deep
You're in too deep 2x

Black sheep, black sheep go on by
Got no grass for you today
They size you up just to count you down
And pass your time away
Your time away 2x


The Queen's on the shore with the bones all scattered
Saying the gods gotta eat
They can take our food, they can take our drums
But they can not kill the beat
Can't kill the beat 2x


© 2003 Tobin Smith