Addie, you gotta get out of this old town
there's only so long before you go down
time's a rolling river
come and wash away the years without a sound

They say people in a small town don't change
but you've seen them changing - in the same old ways
those same old ways that wake you in the night and
got you dreaming in the day

I still remember that face you wore
on the day he walked out the door
(now he's singing)


Hey, Adelina,
I'm feeling finer
since I've been gone

Yeah, the past will find you
to remind you
how it all went wrong

I can still see you lying there, hair hanging down
your mind turning over some new idea you found
morning sunlight through the window, shining on your body
falling all around

I know you'll miss the faces and places you despise
but the highway is calling louder than you realize
driving to a day that'll finally find a way
to hear the calling of your eyes

Driving west on Pittsburgh Street
you can feel your heart beat
and hear him singing


This whole town just seems to shine
when you're looking one last time
(and singing)


© 2003 Tobin Smith